Friday, August 31, 2007

Angel Food Cake

Ordinary angel food cake becomes extraordinary when layered spread with a fresh cream,then topped with fresh strawberries.Experiment an angel food cake was a challenge to me.Since I had bought a Pasteurized egg whites and kept it for quite awhile,I decided to make today.To make an Angel food cake is much more expensive than chiffon cake.Because of its airy lightness it was said to be the "food of the angels.You need to use 6-8 egg whites only for the recipe.The difference between Angel food cake and Chiffon cake is that Angel food cake is more delicate and spongy.While the chiffon cake is moist and soft.I found that one of the biggest causes failed of making an Angel food cake is improper beating egg whites or overly fold the flour into the egg white batter.Today I accidently greased the pan and causing the cake not to rise as what I expect.Besides that,While I was beating the egg whites,I stopped beating it for just a few minutes just to answer a call causing it lose volume.Maybe that's another reason why my cake won't rise enough.Well,I can't post the ugly angel food cake that I had made,but will post it once I success making it.

7 inch Sponge cake


2 Eggs large
30g Castor sugar
30ml oil
35g Flour(sieved)
A pinch of salt
1/8 cream of tartar

1.Beat eggs,cream of tartar,salt and sugar till white and stiff peak.(about 10-15minutes)
2.Gradually add in flour and oil with spatula.
3.Mix well and bake for 15-20minutes at 360'F.

Custard cake

I used 7 inch round cake pan.If using 8 inch cake pan,just double the amount of ingredients.
Prepare 7 inch sponge cake

30 g Custard powder
20 g Corn flour
100ml milk
50 g butter
1 large egg
4 Tbsp Sugar

1.Combine custard powder, corn flour and castor sugar in a nonstick pan.
2.Add milk,butter and stir mixture over low heat until mixed.
3.When butter is dissolved, turn heat into medium and keep stirring.
4.Gradually adding the egg till mixture thicken.
5.Set aside and let cool.
6.Spread the filling ontop of the sponge cake and decorate it as desire.
7.Cool in the fridge before serving.

Note:If the custard mixture has lumps,immediately pour the custard through a fine sieve into a clean bowl.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Conversion Tables

Approximately weight for ingredients.

  1. Granulated sugar 1 cup=200g
  2. Caster sugar 1 cup=175g
  3. Icing sugar(unsieved) 1 cup=125g
  4. Brown sugar 1 cup=120g
  5. Cake flour(unsieved) 1 cup=125g
  6. Bread flour(unsieved) 1 cup=135g
  7. Cornflour(unsieved) 1 Tbsp=8g
  8. Gelatin powder 1 Tbsp=9g
  9. Baking powder 1 Tsp=4.8g
  10. Cream of tartar 1Tsp=2.25g

General conversion table

  1. 1 Tbsp=15g
  2. 1 Tsp=5g
  3. 1 Tbsp=3 Tsp
  4. 1 cup=16 Tbsps
  5. 1 cup=250g
  6. 1 oz=28g


  1. 1 Tbsp=15ml
  2. 1 Tsp=5ml
  3. 1 Tbsp=3 Tsp
  4. 1 cup=16 Tbsps
  5. 1 cup=250ml=8 oz
  6. 1 litre=4 cups

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Kuih Bahulu

I found this kuih is quite similar to the Madeleine cake.
For crispy kuih bahulu add another 10g sugar into the batter.
I personally prefer soft and springy kuih bahulu.
For more flavour options,you can add pandan flavour,cappucino flavour(omit coconut milk-replace fresh milk)or chocolate flavour(omit coconut milk-replace fresh milk).


4 Eggs Large
130g Caster Sugar

200g Plain flour
1 tsp baking powder

1 Tbsp cooking oil

1.Preheat Kuih Bahulu mould in the oven at 360'F for 10 minutes.
2.Combine ingredients A in a mixer and beat for 15 minutes or till fluffy.
3.Add in ingredients B in several batches and mix well.
4.Add in ingredient C in final step.
5.Mix well the batter.
6.Grease the mould with oil and spoon in batter into the mould.
7.Bake till golden brown.
8.Remove the cakes with a skewer.
9.Cool before storage.
10.Best serve for overnite storage.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Kuih Loyang/Rose

This is one of my favourite snack.I can simply get it from any local store in Sabah.Searching for the mould wasn't easy though.The best place to get this tingy is in segama.This was my first time handling the mould.It is not easy to fry the kuih using this loyang.You will need to practice regularly to get a perfect rose shape.Taste sweet and crunchy.Smell good too.



4 cups water
3 cups rice flour
1/4 cup corn flour
1 egg
1 1/2 cups sugar
1 can thick coconut milk
A pinch of salt
Oil for frying

1.Add all ingredients in a bowl except the coconut milk,water,egg and sugar.
2.Beat egg and sugar till fluffy.
3.Add the mixture into the dry ingredients
4.Gradually add in the water and coconut milk into the mixture and beat till well blended.
5.Heat the oil and soak the mould in the hot oil for 2 second.
6.Then dipped the mould into the batter(only the side and bottom of the mould
otherwise you will have difficulty to remove the kuih) and fry till golden brown.
7.Shake the mould to release the kuih.
8.Cool before store it.

Green Bean Paste

Monday, August 20, 2007

Essential tools in my kitchen

To be able to bake efficiently and successfully,you need basic equipment in the kitchen.
You don't have to invest in an extensive collection,basic range of bakeware is essential.
Here is some of the stuff in my kitchen that I could not live without

The equipments that a must:
1-7 inch round cake pan
1-8 inch springform pan
1-8 inch baking pan
1-8 inch round cake ring
measuring spoons
measuring cups
1-digital scale
1-rubber spatulas
1-bench scraper
1-rolling pin
1-pastry brush
2-stainless-steel bowls
pastry bags/ziplock
1-pallet knife
parchment paper
1-electric hand-held mixer
1-sheet pan

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Azuki Bean Paste Puff

Red bean paste or Azuki bean paste is a sweet paste and is used in many chinese foods.Out of my curiosity,I bought Azuki bean paste and make this somewhat the recipe called Taiwan red bean mooncake.The texture is kind of like a puff pastry.I've never seen a mooncake recipe that look different from the original mooncake before.

180 gm Flour
50gm Butter/30g Shortening
60gm Water
10gm Sugar

140gm Flour
90gm Butter

(C) Filling
500gm Red Bean Paste
20 Nos Salted egg yolk(I omit this)

(1)Rub in all the ingredients(A)
(2) Rest for 30 minute.
(3)Divide dough into 20 pcs.
(4)Mix ingredients(B)together.(rub in method)
(5)Divide dough into 20 pcs.
(6)Wrap dough(A) into dough(B)and roll pin it out into a thin strip.
(7)Roll the strip into the swiss roll shape, and repeat one.
(8)Press dough with palm and roll out into a circular sheet.
(9)Place filling in the center and pleat it together.
(10)Egg wash with egg yolk 2 times.(Decorate with black sesame on top)optional
(11)Bake at 365°F for 20-25 minute.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Butter Cream Frosting

Recipe(Best for cupcake)

2 Tbps Butter (softened)
2 Tbps Milk
1 cup Icing sugar(sifted)
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract

(1)Beat all ingredients at medium speed with an electric mixer until smooth.


1 Cup Shortening
1 Cup Krimwell/ marvello/supertact
(Specially formulated vegetable shortening for making buttercream)
4 Cup Icing Sugar(Sifted)
1 Tsp Vanilla essence
1 Tsp Almond essence
4 Tbsp UHT Milk

(1)Beat shortening and Krimwell light and fluffy.
(2)Add the essence and beat again.
(3)Add in Icing Sugar beat by beat and lastly add the milk till creamy and fluffy.

Strawberry Muffin


170 gm Castor Sugar
300 gm Butter
5 Eggs
350 gm Cake Flour
50gm Baking Powder
100 ml Evaporated Milk
(Strawberry Jam for Filling)

(1)Beat sugar and butter till light and pale.
(2)Add in egg beat by beat till light and fluffy.
(3)Then add in sifted flour and baking powder and gradually add in milk till well blend.
(4)Pour in the mixture into the muffin cup and fill in the Strawberry jam on top.
(5)Bake at 360'F for 30-35 minutes.

Mexican Bun Paste For Topping

You can buy a Mexican bun in every corner Malaysia.It is a simple kind of bread with coffee emulco(thicker than essence)with a tsp of butter as a filling.I remembered during my vacation back home in kota kinabalu,my sister said there is small stall cater only Mexican bun in a Shopping mall(Center Point)selling it like hot cake.It was a long line up the day of their opening and people are willing to wait in the long line just to buy this Bun.I told my sister,that's crazy!What so special about it.I used to bought it my a bakery shop.Due to my curiosity and I can't wait to tried it.To tell the truth,the taste is owesome.You can't resist to buy it if you walk by pass the stall.Now,I had the recipe and know how to make it my own.
I can have it any time I want.
Prepare(Sweet Bun) for topping the Coffee paste
Recipe(Coffee Paste)

50g Butter
50g Castor sugar/Icing sugar
1/2 Egg
50g Cake flour/All purpose flour
2tsp Coffee emulco/essence
1tsp Cocoa powder/Chocolate food colouring

(1)Blend all ingreadients together.
(2)Put the mixture into a piping bag.
(3)Pipe as circle direction from inside to outside.

Chocolate Filling

Recipe (For cupcake topping)

300gm Whipping Cream
400gm Cooking Chocolate
1tsp Butter

(1)Boil Whipping cream in a saucepan in medium heat.
(2)Add in chocolate(cut into pieces).
(3)Then stir till into paste.
(4)Chilled the choclate paste in the fridge at least 2 hour or overnite.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Apple strudel

In cooking, an Apple strudel/pie is a fruit pie in which the
principal filling ingredient is apples.This was my first attempt of making
an Apple Puff.I bought the frozen Puff Pastry few
days ago and had no idea what to do with it so today
I tried to make some Apple Pie using this Puff Pastry.
The taste was awesome!...
In this recipe I omit using the cinnamon powder for the flavouring because I don't like it.



2 Red apples(cut into small cubes)
3 Tbsp water
5 Tbsp Sugar
1 Tbsp Flour

(1)Combine apples and water in saucepan and cook till tender.
(2)Remove from heat and let cool, mashing slightly if pieces are large.
(3)Stir in sugar and butter.
(4)Wrap as desire.
(4)Add 1 tbsp flour to thicken the mixture.
(5)Set mixture aside.

Pandan Layer Filling

Pandan leaf also known as Pandanus leaf.Almost every kitchen garden in Malaysia boasts a pandanus plant,the leaves are pounded and strained to yield flavour and colour for cakes and kuih-muih(malay pastry).I used to eat Pandan cake when I was little.I remembered the wonderful aroma of pandan fills the house when my mun baked Pandan cake as an afternoon tea.As soon as my mum took the cake out of the oven,I couldn't wait to eat the it.Today various kinds of dessert can be created using Pandan leaf as flavour.This is one of the popular cake in Malaysia bakery.


110gm Sugar
1/2 Salt
40gm Hoen kwee flour/Green bean flour

2 Large eggs
1 Tsp Pandan paste

700ml Water
200ml Thick coconut milk

(1)Combine (A) add in (B) and (C) cook using a double boiler and stir non stop till
comes to a paste or thickened.

(For layer a sponge cake as filling.)

Banana Cake

This is absolutely the best banana cake I have ever made and tasted.Wow! It was very moist and had a lot of banana flavor.It has soft texture too.It seems like such a simple recipe by the ingredients, but it sure does make an impressive tasting cake.I'm still making this cake and get lots of rave reviews from friends.You can use the whipped cream cheese frosting on this cake which is divine.
To accomplish this, I substituted cake flour in place of all-purpose flour.And you just gotta have vanilla extract in a cake dependent on the bananas you've got.If the banana is not ripe enough you have to add 1 1/2 tsp vanilla essence.I sprinkled the cake with icing powder or you can frost the cake with cream cheese frosting and pressed the walnuts onto the sides of the cake.


200 Cake Flour(Sifted)with 1 Tsp baking powder and 1 Tsp Baking powder

50gm Castor Sugar
3 Large Egg yolks
1 Tsp Salt
110ml Margarine(butter)+20ml Vegetable Oil

135gm Riped banana
1 Tsp Vanilla essence
1 Tsp Lemon Juice(optional)

40ml Cold milk
3 Large egg whites
40gm Castor sugar
1/2 Cream of tartar

(1)Preheat oven at 360'F.
(2)Beat (A) till light and fluffy.
(3)Add in essence and mashed bananas.
(3)Stir corn oil .Gradually and gently fold in sifted flour and milk.
(4)Whisk (B)egg whites,sugar and cream of tartar till stiff.
(5)Slowly fold in the egg whites mixture into the egg yolks mixture.
(6)Mix gently and evenly.
(7)Bake at 360'F for 35-40 minutes.

Basic cheesecake


160gm Chocolate chip cookies(or any favourite cookies,if preferred)
60gm melted butter

(1)Crush the cookies.
(2)Combine all the ingredients well.
(3)Press the biscuit mixture into the mould.
(4)Keep in the fridge till firm for later use.

(Cream Cheese mixture)

450gm Cream cheese
50gm Butter

4 Large egg yolks

15gm Flour(Sifted)
15gm Cornflour

4 Large egg whites
80gm Sugar
1/4 Tsp Cream of tartar

(1)Blend ingredients(A)smooth.
(2)Add in ingredients(B) slowly and stir well combined.
(3)Sieve ingredients(C) and add into above mixture.Mix well.
(4)Whisk(D) till stiff.
(5)Add(4) into (3).Use a spatula to blend till well mixed.
(6)Steam bake for 50-60minutes.

Boston cheesecake


Prepare a basic sponge cake.(8inch)

For the topping
550gm cream cheese
200gm Sugar
4 Large egg yolks
200gm whipping cream
1 Tbsp Lemon juice
1/2 Tsp Vanilla essence

110gm Flour
20gm Cornflour
1/4 Tsp Salt
4 Large egg whites
2 Tbsp Sugar

(1)Put the sponge into a spring form pan.
(2)Cream (A) till smooth and light.
(3)Gradually beat egg yolks one at a time.
(4)Beat in whipping cream and Vanilla essence.
(5)Fold in (B)gradually,add in lemon juice.
(6)Whisk egg whites and sugar till stiff and fold lightly into creamed mixture.
(7)Pour cream cheese mixture into the spring form pan(Sponge bottom).
(8)Steam bake at 360'F for one hour.

Cotton cheesecake

This cheesecake really very light and soft. My family and friends like it and I hope you do too.
The method of making this cake is the same as the sponge cake.


50ml Milk
125gm Cream Cheese
30gm Butter

5 Egg yolks(Large)

30gm All purpose flour(Sifted).
30gm Cornflour

5 Egg whites(Large)
80gm Sugar
2gm Salt

(1)Preheat oven to 360'F .
(2)Double boil ingredients(A).
(3)Whisk till smooth and set aside.
(4)Beat ingredients(D) till stiff.Fold lightly into (2) mixture.
(5)Water bath for 40-50 minutes.
(6)when cake is done,invert it for 5 mins before unmoulding the cake.
(To prevent cake sinking in the middle.)

Butter cookie crust

Butter cookie crust(for topping sweet bun)

100gm Sugar
70gm Butter
30gm Shortening
1tsp Salt
100gm Eggs
1tsp Vanilla essence
100gm Flour
1tsp Baking powder

(1)Beat Sugar,butter,shortening,eggs,salt,vanilla essence into paste.
(2)Add in sifted flour and B.P into the mixture till look like a bread crumb.
(3)Add some crust on top of the uncook soft bun and bake till cook.

Chocolate muffin


2 Eggs(large)
90g Sugar
135g All purpose flour
3Tbsps Unsweetend cocoa powder
1tsps baking powder
1tsp sodium bicarbonate

1tsp Vanilla essence
160ml Milk
100g Butter(melted) or canola oil

(1)Preheat oven 360'F.
(2)Prepare paper muffin cups.
(3)Beat the eggs with sugar till pale.Mix in cocoa powder,baking powder,Vanilla,milk and butter. (4)Mix the flour with spatula slowly.
(5)Divide the mixture into the paper cups.
(6)Bake for 25-30 minutes or till a wooden skewer inserted in center comes out clean.

Coconut Jelly


For green layer
1Tbsp agar-agar(jelly) powder
110g Castor sugar
600ml water
2 bladed pandan leaves(knotted)optional
A few drops of green food colouring.

For coconut milk layer
1/2Tbsp agar-agar (Jelly)powder
1/2Tbsp Cornflour
60g Caster sugar
1/8Tsp salt
100ml thick coconut milk
300ml Water

(1)Bring coconut milk layer to boil.
(2)Pour into desire mould to set.
(3)Bring green layer to a boil.
(4)Add in green colouring.
(5)Pour the green layer on top of the coconut milk layer.
(6)leave to set,keep jelly chilled.

Coconut filling

Coconut filling(For Coconut Bun)

50gm Dessicatted coconut(or freshly grated coconut)
50gm Sugar(or gula melaka)
15gm Butter

(1)Put 2 tbsp water in a saucepan.
(2)Add sugar,butter till dissolved.
(3)Add in dessicated coconute till moist and dry.

Mango cream cake

One of my favourite cake is Mango cream cake.This cake is using mangoes which are mixed in the cake along with juicy chunks of the real fruit decorate the top.
I believe alot of cake lover out there love this cake too.

Ingredients (sponge)

6 Egg yolks
70g All purpose flour
40g Castor sugar
10g Cornflour
60ml Corn oil
30ml Coconut milk

6 Egg whites
40g Castor sugar
1 tsp Cream of tartar

(1)Sift dry ingredients.
(2)Mix egg yolk and sugar in a mixing bowl beat till pale(Make sure the color is pale) in colour.
(3)Then put the oil into the mixture and beat well.
(4)Slowly add the dry ingredients into the mixture.
(5)Gradually add in coconut milk into the mixture.
(6)Set aside the cream mixture and beat the egg whites and sugar till stiff. (Don't over beat)
(7)Combine into the cream mixture slowly and beat by beat.
(8)Bake for 30-35minutes (360'F)or untill wooden skewer inserted in center comes out clean.

Mango filling
2 mangoes(8-9ozs) cut into small cubes.
80ml Thick coconut milk
2 Egg yolks
30g(1oz) castor sugar
15g(1/2oz) Gelatine
50g Hot water
1/4tsp Mango essence
A drop of yellow food coloring.
225ml(8ozs) Fresh Cream

300mlFresh cream for decorate the entire cake.
Some thinly slice mangoes for decoration.

(1)Steam coconut milk,egg yolks,sugar till well over double boiler.
(2)Melt gelatine with hot water.
(3)Mix(1)&(2)together,whisk the mixture over a bowl of ice cubes till thick.
(4)Then add in mango essence,coloring,mango cubes and the fresh cream.Mix well with spatula.
(5)Slice the cake into 3 pieces.Divide the filling into 2 portions.
(6)Sandwich the filling on top of the cake,cover with another piece of cake layer.
(7)Cover the cake completely with fresh cream.
(8)Decorate with slice mangoes.(optional)

Saturday, August 04, 2007


Tiramisu Heaven in your mouth.
I bought this Tiramisu in a cake shop.Taste delicious too sweet for me.The price of this Tiramisu( CAD14.99 )and the cake is very small. About 7 inches......

My first Tiramisu at the baking class.
Although this Tiramisu is not exactiy like what you
would get in an authentic Italian restaurant but it still taste delicious.


Prepare a 9"sponge cake for the base.
20 pcs Lady finger sponge.
60gm Cocoa powder.

Coffee Liquor for dipping lady fingers sponge
70ml Khalua
140ml Boiling Water
Mix well for later use.

4 Egg yolk(large)
40gm Castor sugar

250gm Whipped cream

500gm Mascarpone cheese/300gm Cream cheese +200gm sour cream can be used.

75ml Kahlua or Tia maria
(or 1 tbsp nescafe + 70ml boiling water)

5tsp Gelatine powder
5tbspBoiling water

4 Egg whites(large)
40gmCastor sugar

(1)Beat (A)till fluffy.
(2)Mix (E)together.
(3)Slowly combine(A)(B)(C)(D)and(E)
(4)Beat(F)till Stiff.
(5)Finally add in beaten(F)and mix well.
(6)Place a piece of sponge cake on the bottom of the
(7)9"spring form cake pan or 10"cake base cover with a round 9"cake mould.
(8)Sprinkle coffee liquor on the cake.
(9)Fill in the filling.
(10)Line the lady's sponge(dip with coffee liquor)on top of the filling.
(11)Repeat process twice.
(12)Lastly,dust some cocoa or chocolate powder on top .
(13)Chilled for at least 5 hour before decorate with lady finger sponge.

Peanut filling

Peanut filling(For peanut bun)

50gm Ground peanut(finely blended)
40gm Icing sugar
40gm Butter

(1)Beat butter and icing sugar till smooth.
(2)Add in ground peanut and mix well.

Pineapple crust

Pineapple crust(Polo Bun crust)


50gm Butter
50gm Icing Sugar
4gm Milk powder
35gm Eggs
100gm Soft flour(or all purpose flour)

Beat all the ingredients till look like bread crumb.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Pandan chiffon cake

My mum used to bake chiffon cake when I was little.
I remembered that she used to bake with a tube pan.
The tube in the center of the pan lets the hot air circulate
so the heat can reach the center of the cake.
We had to invert the cake immediately to keeps the cake
from shrinking.But I like to use round pan cuz it's look more presentable.

5 Egg yolks
70g All purpose flour
35g Castor sugar
50ml Corn oil
30ml Coconut milk
2tsp Green food coloring

5 Egg whites
35g Castor sugar
1/2 tsp Cream of tartar

(1)Sift dry ingredients.
(2)Mix egg yolk and sugar in a mixing bowl beat till pale(Make sure the color is pale) in colour.
(3)Add green food coloring.
(4)Then put the oil into the mixture and beat well.
(5)Slowly add the dry ingredients into the mixture.
(6)Gradually add in coconut milk into the mixture.
(7)Set aside the cream mixture and beat the egg whites and sugar till stiff. (Don't over beat)
(8)Combine into the cream mixture slowly and beat by beat.
(9)Bake for 25-30minutes at 350F.
Recipe for plain chiffon cake
5 Egg yolks(Large)
70g All purpose flour
35g Castor sugar
70ml Corn oil
5 Egg whites(Large)
35g Castor sugar
1/2 tsp Cream of tartar
(1)Sift dry ingredients.
(2)Mix egg yolk and sugar in a mixing bowl beat till pale in colour.
(3)Then put the oil into the mixture and beat well.
(4)Slowly add the dry ingredients into the mixture.
(5)Set aside the cream mixture and beat the egg whites and sugar till stiff. (Don't over beat)
(6)Combine into the cream mixture and bake for 25-30minutes.

Egg tart

I believe alot of people out there love egg tart.Sometimes I do crave on egg tart.
To make a crispy egg tart shell we need to use the puff pastry recipe.

This recipe make 6 egg tart only.For more egg tart just double the amount of ingredients.


Pastry 150g
175ml Milk(creamy whole milk or evaporated milk)
1 Whole Egg
1 Egg yolk
2 tbsp Sugar
1 drop Vanilla extract

(1)Press pastry to form a 3mm thin sheet.
(2)Roll up into (Swiss roll)shape.
(3)Divide pastry into 6 portions and flatten the pastry dough into round shape.
(4)Arrange the dough into the tart pan.
(5)Bake the tart shell for 5minutes at 360F

(1)Cook Milk and sugar over slow fire till warm and dissolved.
(2)Beat eggs and add mixture to milk,followed by vanilla extract,beat throughly.
(3)Add egg custard to tart shell.
(4)Bake for 10-15mintues untill custard sets.
(5)Removed tart form shell.