Monday, May 22, 2006

Basic Sponge Cake

I had tried baking sponge cake with different type of recipes about two years now and I finally found this recipe is the best.I used my Baking course step by step method to make it.I've never fail baking it using this recipe.


The cake won't sink at all .When baking cakes, it is important to remember that the ingredients should be measured very carefully- too much or too little of ingredients such as the egg,flour, oil, and sugar, can ruin the cake and its texture.Always follow the proper instructions in the recipe.The egg yolks are beaten with the sugar first while the whites are beaten separately, to be mixed in later. The mixture is then poured into the cake tin and baked. As can be seen, both methods take great care to incorporate air in the beating, whisking and sieving stages. This makes a very light product, but if you over beat the egg whites or not stiff enough,the cake will sink .



5 Eggs(Large)
70 gm Castor Sugar
80 gm Cake flour
40ml Canola Oil/Vegetable Oil
30ml Milk/water

(1)Beat the eggs and sugar till light and fluffy(Double in volume)About15minutes or more
(Make sure the mixture is in white colour and stiff peak)
(2)Slowly mix the flour into the mixture using the spatula.
(3)Gradually add in oil and mix well.
(4)Bake for 35-40 minutes at 360'F.

Notes:Another method of beating the eggs is place the bowl in a smaller saucepan containing hot water,over low heat.Beat the mixture continuously as it warms.
Once the mixture started get warm and double in volume,remove from heat and beat at high speed for about 15 minutes or until the mixture cools and is very fluffy and stiff.The mixture will be triple in volume and have the consistency of whipped cream.This method is much more faster to get the volume.


Sukkimi said...

your sponge cake tells me its very soft and fluffy!
I will try your recipe in cupcake and see how it turn out

homeladychef said...

Halo! Dropping by to say hi! Dropping my jaw too....while looking at what you have done! Baking is really not my forte. Finally I got a chance to sharpen baking skills now. Thanks for sharing! ;)

Sweetiepie said...

sukkimi-Thanks!Hope you did it.

homeladychef-You have a nice blog.I guess you should try to bake once a while.It's fun :)

Anonymous said...

Hi! In your recipe, one doesn't have to separate the egg white and the egg yolks?? And what about after baking? Do you have to invert the cake or something like that?

BTW very nice blog!

Tank you!

Simonne said...

Since this is a "egg seperated" method, do i have to bang the pan on table b4 baking in oven

Btw, u uses 5 eggs recipe for what size pan ?