Saturday, August 04, 2007


Tiramisu Heaven in your mouth.
I bought this Tiramisu in a cake shop.Taste delicious too sweet for me.The price of this Tiramisu( CAD14.99 )and the cake is very small. About 7 inches......

My first Tiramisu at the baking class.
Although this Tiramisu is not exactiy like what you
would get in an authentic Italian restaurant but it still taste delicious.


Prepare a 9"sponge cake for the base.
20 pcs Lady finger sponge.
60gm Cocoa powder.

Coffee Liquor for dipping lady fingers sponge
70ml Khalua
140ml Boiling Water
Mix well for later use.

4 Egg yolk(large)
40gm Castor sugar

250gm Whipped cream

500gm Mascarpone cheese/300gm Cream cheese +200gm sour cream can be used.

75ml Kahlua or Tia maria
(or 1 tbsp nescafe + 70ml boiling water)

5tsp Gelatine powder
5tbspBoiling water

4 Egg whites(large)
40gmCastor sugar

(1)Beat (A)till fluffy.
(2)Mix (E)together.
(3)Slowly combine(A)(B)(C)(D)and(E)
(4)Beat(F)till Stiff.
(5)Finally add in beaten(F)and mix well.
(6)Place a piece of sponge cake on the bottom of the
(7)9"spring form cake pan or 10"cake base cover with a round 9"cake mould.
(8)Sprinkle coffee liquor on the cake.
(9)Fill in the filling.
(10)Line the lady's sponge(dip with coffee liquor)on top of the filling.
(11)Repeat process twice.
(12)Lastly,dust some cocoa or chocolate powder on top .
(13)Chilled for at least 5 hour before decorate with lady finger sponge.

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My Taste Heaven said...

I love tiramisu. Yours look so yummy!!! I dont think I could make it :(