Sunday, March 29, 2009

Butter cream swiss roll

I have tried making few swiss roll these days and I have to admit I was impressed with this one.It looked fine,soft and rolled well but I would definitely roll it with dry clean cloth next time or else the skin will stick to the wrapping paper.I used butter cream filling today and it was a hit for my families afternoon tea.


4 Large eggs whites
35gm castor sugar
4 Large egg yolks
35 gm Castor sugar
1/2 tsp or 2 gm baking powder
1 tsp vanilla essence
10gm cornflour(sifted)
70gm cake flour(sifted)
1 gm salt


40ml Melted butter/canola oil
40gm milk


1)Pre heat oven at 350F.
2)Beat egg whites cream and sugar(add gradually)
till stiff.
3)Add in 30 gm sugar and continue beating till thick and glossy.
4)Beat egg yolks,ovallete and 30 gm sugar till light and creamy.
5)Lightly fold in sifted flour,corn flour,baking powder,milk and oil into the egg yolk batter.
6)Gently fold in egg whites.
(Do not overfold)
7)Pour batter in shallow tin lined with waxed paper.


8)Bake for 15-18 minutes.

9)You need to roll it immediately while it's hot,then let it cool.

10)Unwrap and fill your favourite filling and roll back up.

Monday, March 09, 2009

Croissant of the day

My very first attempt at making these croissants.I always wanted to make croissant for a long time but never really understand what the recipe meant by turning,folding and the rolling part.But from the video I watched the other day,then I had the clue what the recipe was referring to.If you need the recipe,there were lots of tips in Fine Cooking which were helpful.I used my own recipe for the dough,and follow the rest of the instructions.
Final proof

I cut down the butter layer measurement to 1 cup(not 1-1/4 cups) and I brush the croissants with milk only.It came out golden brown too.Remember,always start watching the croissants after 10 minutes as the butter can cause them to burn.According to the recipe,it calls for 400°F convection but I found the temperature is too high.I set the oven 360°F for about 13 minutes.
Phew!what a long process.Done!


I don't know what went wrong with my croissant.They were not what a croissant is suppose to look like.It’s supposed to have layers,right?But the outer layers of my croissants are crisp and the inner layers soft and buttery.Well,I’ll probably fold the dough a few more times to create more layers next time.I know I'm not there yet, but I am getting closer.

I prefer plain croissants with butter?or with tuna mayo.What type of croissant you like?chocolate,plain or almond?:P