Monday, August 13, 2007

Mango cream cake

One of my favourite cake is Mango cream cake.This cake is using mangoes which are mixed in the cake along with juicy chunks of the real fruit decorate the top.
I believe alot of cake lover out there love this cake too.

Ingredients (sponge)

6 Egg yolks
70g All purpose flour
40g Castor sugar
10g Cornflour
60ml Corn oil
30ml Coconut milk

6 Egg whites
40g Castor sugar
1 tsp Cream of tartar

(1)Sift dry ingredients.
(2)Mix egg yolk and sugar in a mixing bowl beat till pale(Make sure the color is pale) in colour.
(3)Then put the oil into the mixture and beat well.
(4)Slowly add the dry ingredients into the mixture.
(5)Gradually add in coconut milk into the mixture.
(6)Set aside the cream mixture and beat the egg whites and sugar till stiff. (Don't over beat)
(7)Combine into the cream mixture slowly and beat by beat.
(8)Bake for 30-35minutes (360'F)or untill wooden skewer inserted in center comes out clean.

Mango filling
2 mangoes(8-9ozs) cut into small cubes.
80ml Thick coconut milk
2 Egg yolks
30g(1oz) castor sugar
15g(1/2oz) Gelatine
50g Hot water
1/4tsp Mango essence
A drop of yellow food coloring.
225ml(8ozs) Fresh Cream

300mlFresh cream for decorate the entire cake.
Some thinly slice mangoes for decoration.

(1)Steam coconut milk,egg yolks,sugar till well over double boiler.
(2)Melt gelatine with hot water.
(3)Mix(1)&(2)together,whisk the mixture over a bowl of ice cubes till thick.
(4)Then add in mango essence,coloring,mango cubes and the fresh cream.Mix well with spatula.
(5)Slice the cake into 3 pieces.Divide the filling into 2 portions.
(6)Sandwich the filling on top of the cake,cover with another piece of cake layer.
(7)Cover the cake completely with fresh cream.
(8)Decorate with slice mangoes.(optional)


Lily Anette said...

Hmmm... so good looking! Yum...

Charm said...

Hi! Ur cake looks delicious! I was wondering if you would be able to convert the amounts for me??? I'm trying to, but it keeps confusing me. Would u be able to change it to tsp./tbsp./cups etc... for me? My email is I would really really appreciate it if u could help me! I'd LOVE to try ur recipe!

gkjlkdjk said...


The cake looks awesome. One question, did you cover the whole cake in fresh (white) cream and then pour the yellow filling/gelatine mixture on top of the entire cake. The sliced portion seems to be a layer of white cream covered by yellow layer.

Thanks a lot for sharing.