Monday, August 13, 2007

Pandan Layer Filling

Pandan leaf also known as Pandanus leaf.Almost every kitchen garden in Malaysia boasts a pandanus plant,the leaves are pounded and strained to yield flavour and colour for cakes and kuih-muih(malay pastry).I used to eat Pandan cake when I was little.I remembered the wonderful aroma of pandan fills the house when my mun baked Pandan cake as an afternoon tea.As soon as my mum took the cake out of the oven,I couldn't wait to eat the it.Today various kinds of dessert can be created using Pandan leaf as flavour.This is one of the popular cake in Malaysia bakery.


110gm Sugar
1/2 Salt
40gm Hoen kwee flour/Green bean flour

2 Large eggs
1 Tsp Pandan paste

700ml Water
200ml Thick coconut milk

(1)Combine (A) add in (B) and (C) cook using a double boiler and stir non stop till
comes to a paste or thickened.

(For layer a sponge cake as filling.)

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