Thursday, January 31, 2008

Ondeh Ondeh

My dessert of the day is Ondeh-ondeh.It is make in a tiny ball and coated with with fresh grated coconut.Ondeh Ondeh is made of glutinous rice,flavoured with pandan juice and filled with gula melaka is known as Palm Sugar.It is a type of sugar made from the coconut tree.Gula mean Sugar and Melaka is one of a state in Malaysia(Malacca).Whereby Ondeh ondeh is added some green colouring.It is tedious to make but it worth will always ask for second after you taste the first bite.Sometimes,you can found this filled with peanuts or coconuts.

200g glutinous rice flour
100ml hot water
2 tbsp pandan juice(optional)
2tbsp sugar
20ml coconut milk
1tbsp oil
Few drops green colouring

1/2 piece gula melaka(Palm Sugar)chopped and mixed with
3 tbsp castor sugar

Grated coconut
1/2 salt(mixed)

(1)Pour the hot water into glutinous rice flour and mix.
(2)Add in the other ingredients for the skin until forms a soft dough.
(3)Form small balls with the dough and fill a little filling inside and seal it.
(4)Put into a pot filled with boiling water and boil until it floats up.
(5)Dish and drain.Then Coat with grated coconut and serve hot or cold.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Fatt Koh or Huat Kueh

Fatt koh is a chinese smiling steamed cake.It is a must for the altar table as its name means prosperity cake.During chinese new year every family will make this dessert and serve their guess.Some called it Fatt Koh(cantonese)and Huat Kueh(Hokkien).It's a sweet and fluffy cake.You can find this cake white or pink in colourhuat kueh.Chinese cultural traditions,red is as a symbol of life and health.Smiling steamed cake can be made from rice flour, green pea flour and coconut milk.As we usually made into muffin size shapes using chinese tea cups.
Starter Dough:
For the fermented yeast rice
1)220 g cooked rice(overnight rice or cool rice)
2)1 piece crushed wine yeast(chow paeng)(Ragi tapai)Blend into powder.
3)1 tbsp sugar
4)2-3 Tbsp water
Mix all the above ingredients together and leave it to ferment for 2 days (48 hrs). Keep in a container, covered in a room temperature place.Make sure is in a dark room.After 48 hours, weigh out 80g and keep the balance fermented yeast in the fridge

Boiled sugar syrup then set aside to cool.
1)200 g sugar
2)A pinch of salt
3)400 ml water
4)2 Blades of Pandan leaves(tied into a knot)

1)400 g rice flour
2)400 ml sugar syrup
3)(Weigh out only 80 gm)fermented yeast rice

Put 80g of the fermented rice in a blender.Add 200ml sugar syrup and blended well.Then sift rice flour into a large mixing bowl. Add remaining 200ml sugar syrup and pour in the blended with fermented rice mixture.Strain the mixture into a large glass container and cover tightly with a lid. Leave aside for 2-4 hours. Just before steaming, add 1 tsp ENO salt(Optional)and 1 tsp double-action baking powder or 2 tsp baking powder. Mix well and set aside for another 15 minutes.Need patience!
Meanwhile, heat the steamer for 1–2 minutes.Line the chinese tea cups or any small cups with paper cases.Pour in the rice mixture to three-quarters full.

Steam the kuih over rapidly boiling water for 15-18 minutes.Good Luck!!!

P/s-I didn't put the Eno in this recipe because I can't find it here!But it still bloom very nice.:)