Tuesday, October 13, 2009

sandwich White Bread

Today I began baking sandwich bread using a Bread pan with lid.I bought this in a baking supplies wholesale back home few months ago.This type of Bread pan perfectly baked breads all the time.A sandwich loaf is baked in a special pan also known as a Pullman pan, which has a sliding lid that covers the dough while baking, trapping the dough inside in order to create the rectangular shape.The pan is available in several sizes.It makes a great loaf of sandwich Bread.
I've always wanted to buy this bread pan but I couldn't find it here but you can always buy it online.The recipes for bread in a Pullman pan call for baking with the lid on for the first 25 minutes or so, then removing the lid and finishing baking.I know don't know why.After googling the Sandwich Bread using Pullman pan in different blogs,I don't see any difference between the Pullman pan and mine(with holes).They both came out perfectly in shape.Any ideas what's the holes for?
Here,I used the basic white bread recipe where you can find it on my previous post.Divide the bread dough into 2 balls and roll the bread dough shape into a cylinder.Then,place the lid on and check every 10 mins to see when the dough has risen double in volume and make sure the bread dough is within half an inch of the top.Finally,close the lid entirely.I baked it at 380'F for 30 mins.I have not used an egg wash but I used butter to grease the pan and remember to grease the lid.
Oops!I forgot to grease the lid!!!You can see the cracked on the surface.:(
Turned out wonderfull!!....enjoy!!