Sunday, December 09, 2007

Tiramisu(without eggs)

I want to show you my new creation,Tiramisu.Last week,my kids requested me to make a Tiramisu for their Aunt's birthday.I didn't use any eggs (cooked or raw)in my recipe and still can provides the simplest blend of ingredients to form a fast and tasty basic tiramisu.In Italy, Tiramisu recipe are using eggs, sugar, mascarpone, a dash of marsala/Kahlua,espresso-soaked ladyfingers, a whisper of bitter cocoa across the top.I am against eating raw or undercooked egg yolks,whites or products that contain eggs for my kids.So here I created this Tiramisu without using an egg in the recipe.
I was a bit lazy to make ladyfingers for the cake.Just a simple decoration.I only use a basic sponge cake for the base.And dusted with some cocoa powder and decorate it with Chocolate Macaroon where I bought it from a local supermarket.I like to Mascarpone because it has the soft texture unlike cream cheese which is rich in taste.Once you taste it, you can only imagine the difference.I previously thought that raw egg whites/yolks were OK to eat. ... You know-where I use to eat raw eggs at the Kopitiam.Don't eat raw egg whites every day-It's not good for Your health.Researchers say that, the Salmonella enteritidus bacteria are usually in the yolk .But they cannot rule out the bacteria being in egg whites.If you want to use raw eggs for your tiramisu,you have to ensure that your eggs are very fresh,refrigerated eggs, preferably organic and free-range.


Prepare a 8"sponge cake for the base.
Some Hersey Cocoa powder.
45 coffee liquor and some nescafe mixture(1 Tbsp nescafe+ 5 tbsp boiling water)

250gm Whipped cream
30gm Castor sugar

250gm Mascarpone cheese/250gm Cream cheese +50gm sour cream can be used.

40gm Castor sugar

2 Tbsp coffee concentrate

1 tsp Gelatine powder 2 tbsp Boiling water(mix for later use)

(1)Beat (A)till fluffy.(Set aside and put it in the fridge)
(2)Beat (B)till light and well mix.Add in(C)
(3)Slowly combine(D)and(B)
(4)Lastly fold in (A) into (B) mixture and well blend.
(5)Place a piece of sponge cake on the bottom of the 8"'spring form cake pan
(6)Sprinkle coffee liquor mixture on the cake.
(7)Fill in the filling.
(8)Chilled for at least 5 hour before dust some cocoa or chocolate powder on top.
(9)Lastly, decorate with ladyfingers or whipped cream.

Mixed Fresh Fruit Cake

When it comes to Asian desserts,most asian bakery sure will know how to make a fresh cream fruit cake.It's simple yet delicious.This is a year round favorite especially in the summer.Fresh whipped cream sweeps over & around a mixture of fruits filling.For those who love tropical fruits this is the cake that will make you smile.Two layers of vanilla sponge cake filled with fresh cream and fresh tropical fruits finished with simple fruits decoration.Recipe

A basic sponge cake 8 "inch
Some fruits for decoration(Kiwi,peach,dragonfruit)
300ml whipped cream

(1)Cut the fruits into cubes.
(2)Divide cake into 2 layers.
(3)Spread some whipped cream and put some fruits on top of the cake and then
sandwiched the cake with another layer of cake.
(4) Let it set and decorate with fresh cream and mixed fruits on top.