Monday, March 31, 2008

Kuih Kosui

Kuih Kosui are rice cakes made with palm sugar.The mixture are poured into small chinese tea cups and steamed it.After steaming the kuih is removed from the cup and topped with grated coconut flesh.This is my first attempt of making Kuih Kosui.Not bad huh!This is of one of my favourite kuih.

I was very confused with the recipe I had collected.One of the recipe need to add calcium sulphate and the other need alkaline water.One of my friend says it's looks like Kuih Lompang,LOL yes I agreed with her but I guess this is the easiest way to take the cake out and look presentable.:)Ingredients A:
230g plain flour
200g tapioca flour
1/4 tsp alkaline water (air abu)
A pinch of salt
730ml water

Ingredients B:
140g palm sugar
180g brown sugar
3 pandan leaves(optional)
330ml water

Ingredient C:(mixed together)
100g grated cocnut
1/4 tsp salt

Method :
1)Mix ingredients A well,strain into a big bowl and set aside.
2)Cook Ingredients B till sugar dissolves to make syrup.Strain mixture and pour into Ingredients A quickly.
3)Stir well and strain again.
4)Heat a the steamer till hot.
5)Pour in the batter into a 7 inches round pan or mini teacups.
6)Cover and steam for 30 minutes or till cooked.
7)Remove and leave to cool before cutting.
8)Coat with grated coconut before serving.


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