Thursday, April 30, 2009

Deep fried seaweed

Deep fried foods are my daughters favourite and they also love seaweed(Nori).I normally don’t like them, but after it was deep fried, it was great.I use basic frying batter but you can buy tempura batter from the Chinese or Japanese store.It was good and good combination,but I ‘d like try tempura batter next time.You can't store the deep fried seaweed because it won't crispy anymore if you leave it for more than half an hour.It should be serve right away.

Picture 007

A lot of people think deep frying is an unhealthy food. As long as the oil is hot enough and the food doesn’t stay in the oil too long.I think it should be fine.Don’t knock it til you’ve tried it!Remember to drink enough water especially this coming summer.I know its not good for you but come one once in awhile,anything can be deep

Cut the Nori into rectangular shaped

Picture 004

Make a frying batter( rice flour,flour,water and ice cube)
Picture 005

Tips:Dip each Nori slice into the batter with hand to evenly coat and then place directly into the hot oil.Never use the chopstick or else the Nori will tear apart.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Pan fried red bean bun

Do you know how to make bread without an oven!Actually frying pan is a great idea for making a bun.Pan fried red bean bun AKA Hakka cheen loong bao is an old-fashioned traditional chinese dessert.It is usually wrap with roasted groundnuts or red beans paste.It's easy to make.




For Filling:
200g red bean paste(shape into ball)
For skin Layer:
200g low protein flour(cake flour
1/2 tsp baking powder(dissolved in a little water)
1 1/2 tsp instant yeast
15g caster sugar
30g shortening or butter
100-150ml water

1)Sieve flour and set aside.
2)Pour in the baking powder,instant yeast,sugar and shortening in the flour.Mix well.
3)Pour the water in a gentle stream.
4)Slowly work to form a non-sticky soft dough.
5)Leave the dough in a clean bowl to proof for 1-2 hours.
6)Scale the risen dough at 40g portions and shape into balls.
7)Flatten each ball of dough and wrap the filling in and seal.
8)Leave the flattened buns on a tray and wrap with a wrapping paper and proof a second time for 30 or untill double in size.
9)Arrange buns in a flat frying pan and pan fried it over low heat without OIL till both sides are golden brown.
10)It takes about 10-15 minutes.Serve hot.

Tips:Dissolve the baking powder in water to prevent the dough becomes yellowish.

Friday, April 03, 2009

A me-me tag

A tag from Ria's collection

Ria likes to know more about me.Sometimes I don't even know me very well and this is why I found this tag quite difficult for me to think what to write.
  1. I am Marcia Lee.The only one in the world.

  2. I like sharing food with others.Not only having a good company for food, but it's a good opportunity to try more different things and make it easier to choose.

  3. I was baptized Catholic when I married to my husband and I don't go to church(pray at home sometimes).
  4. In all things, I'm a slow worker.Even on houseschore,it always took me the entire week to finish.

  5. I'm not a great writer but a great editor.I thing I only can write anything shorter and very difficult for me to write longer.

  6. I am not a good cook but I am a good eater.

  7. I can't sleep through a lot of light and background noise.I like to sleep in a room with a lot of blankets and make sure my feet is not sticking out form the blanket.

  8. The first group singing competition I ever compete was in college.I felt like a superstar at that time.

  9. I like to sing while I'm bathing.My favorite is "Wind beneath my wings"

  10. My favorite fruit is Strawberry.

  11. I'm the best singer in my family, but still not a good singer.

  12. When I was in 20s I was a party girl.
  13. I hate Star Trek. I know it's a quality show but it's too too boring for me.I don't understand why my hubby still enjoy watching it.

  14. I don't plan ahead very well (such as backing-up files I might want later). Actually, that's not true. I plan ahead just fine. It's the execution of the plan that is often the problem.

  15. I take physical, spiritual and emotional comfort from the tv. I realize this is weird, but I don't really care.

  16. I prefer eye glasses to contact lenses.I look ugly with my glasses on.

  17. I am in my early thirties.

  18. I am the shyness extrovert I know. Or perhaps the most unsocialize person.

  19. I'm a good speller with terrible grammar skills.

  20. I rarely drink alcohol because I will get high right after the first few sips.

  21. I am a natural worrier which turns into stress all the time.

  22. If I can afford it, I would spend my time in travelleing the world than I would at home because now I don't go out much.

  23. I enjoy computer games of all sorts (virtual,board, role-playing, etc),Currently addicted to combat arms which sounds odd butI am sure there are women, including myself, who have a desire to fight.

  24. The first thing I will do is turn on my computer.I have a constant need to be done.

  25. I don't talk alot because I have no one to talk to(besides my kids when they come home after school)
Here I like to tag Kim and Nazarina enjoy!

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Oatmeal and Chocolate Chip Cookie

All the while I don't know that much about oatmeal cookies since I don't really like oatmeal.I always thought oatmeal cookies should be like dry,awful smell and not chewy.Until one day,I found a post from Sweet and Simple Bakes about oatmeal and chocolate chip cookie Monthly Baking Event.The pictures in the post looks delicious and without a second thought I quickly write down the recipe and try to bake it.


What a delightful surprise,the cookies came out with a wonderful aroma.The oatmeal and chocolate chip cookies are chewy and not too wet or too dry but just a little too sweet for me.Words cannot express it and you must experience it on your own..This recipe is simple and quick to make.Oh my goodness these are good and I have proof to show you!

Look at my daughter :)reach for a second cookies straight away
This turned out to be the best version of oatmeal cookie I've ate and ever made!