Monday, October 22, 2007

Failed making Macaroon Again!

Look at this uneven shape of mine macaroon.
I followed the proper instruction,whipped the egg whites stiff enough and
folded the dry ingredients into the egg whites batter slowly and carefully.
First mistake,I used food process to ground the cocoa powder,
almonds ground and powdered sugar together.I shouldn't ground
the cocoa powder instead of sifting it into the batter is the correct method.
I got this cocoa lumps in my macaroon.But the macaroon still gave me a crisp and melt in your mouth kind of texture and slightly chewy too.
Second,I overbaked I messed the first batch up.
Third,my macaroon flatten after came out of the oven.
Argggg!!!!!!!!I felt like surrender making a macaroon...:(


Sue Sue said...

Hi, thanks for dropping by my blog. I also failed one making Macaroon. Very hard to make it right and I don't even dare to snap a pic of it. I wonder how other blogger can do it so nice, round and flat.

Sweetiepie said...

Hi sue,The first few batch I tried I also don't even dare to snap them.even worst than this.if you success making it one day let me know ya!

mamazieza said...


thanks for dropping by my blog.. i got the moulds all around malaysia and singapore.. hehehe...

about this macaron.. mama have tried 3 times but huhuhu.. but i will definitle try again.. so must you.. never give up heheh..

btw... you are soooo rajin.. look at all the recipes done by you.. keep it up..

Sweetiepie said...

mamazieza-thanks for your support,i will definetely try again :)