Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Durian Fresh Cream Cake

Have you ever spent RM30 for one of them?You may have seen stalls at night market or along tuaran road.During my last visit back to KK,I was eager to buy some durian to eat but thought $30 was too much for one fruit, and so I left the durian stall without buying it.Fresh durian are impossible to get here.The only durian I can get here are those from Thailand(Frozen versions).I bought this Thai frozen durian at TNT supermarket for 79cents per pound around(CAD3.70).To tell the truth for sure the fresh are more delicious than the frozen versions.I had kept the durian cake recipe for several years.At last, I had the guts to make a durian with fresh cream cake.Opening a durian is a difficult task.well,well,well my hubby left this hedgehog for me this morning.Can't wait him to come home open it for me.The entire house smell so good.Tak tahan!!!I used a big butcher knife to open it.It can take considerable strength and intelligence to open a durian you know!Finally,mission completed.Yummyyyyyyy

A special blend of original durian filling, for that local delight, which will leave you a lasting impression any time.

Basic sponge cake
Fresh durian puree
500ml whipping cream(I only can get 36% whipping cream in canada)

I can't even get a heavy cream in the supermarket.The consistency of this whipping cream are too soft and the cream won't holds its shape.In Malaysia,I can buy non dairy whipping cream which works better.

(1)Prepare an 8 inch sponge cake.
(2) Mix some Fresh cream with some durian puree in a blender.
(3)Set aside.
(4)Cut the cake into 2 layers.
(5)Sandwich the first layers with durian fresh cream and covered the second layer on top.
(6)Spread remaining durian fresh cream on top and decorate as desired.
(7)Chill before cutting and serve.


karulann said...

Drool... Drool... Drool... I wanna piece of those....

Sweetiepie said...

I made this cake using the frozen durian from Thailand.I would say it was .bad huh!

Sweetiepie said...

I mean I would say it was a success for a first attempt!Not bad huh!

Happy_Ally said...

Wau..I wish I could have a small bite ^-^ I love durian. Next year you should come back during durian season...lots of good quality durian here...

Sweetiepie said...

Hey happy_ally,
Nice to know you!yup!for sure I will go back and look for quality durian.

Deana E said...

i have not make durian cake for quite sometime..yes, durian is expensive and RM30 is not worth to make cakes..better eat the fresh durian..wait for season and you can but it cheap

amei79 said...

Wah, durian cake??? never try before,seem yummi yummi....but surely not suitable for obese & diabetic patients...

Sweetiepie said...

amei79-you should try if you have a chance.trust me,very delicious.

Vijay Eswaran said...

wow...seriously looks good..:)

Anonymous said...

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