Peanut Puff

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

A New Year's celebration wouldn't be complete without mini peanut puff. A traditional sweet treat for the New Year, named "Kok Chai"(Mini Puff)is a traditional treat for guests.It is made of flour,butter or margarine and filled with peanut and sugar filling.Deep-fried the mini peanut puffs till golden brown.If you have guests who have a sweet tooth try to cater them with a rich dessert such as Nian Gao(Sticky cake).Apart from that,fresh fruit like Mandarin Oranges are always serve for the guests because it is symbolize wealth in Chinese culture.You can try out this recipe ahead of time for your Chinese New Year's celebration.The reason we make peanut puff is peanut symbolize longevity.Correct me if I am wrong.


Emiline said...

Happy New Year! Those look so good. They look like empanadas, don't they?! I've never had a peanut puff, but I would so eat one.

11:49 AM
foodhuntress79 said...

Hello Sweetiepie!Peanut foods are so common in Asia, right? That familiar taste -from sauces to desserts! Yes, I have tasted small peanut puffs from a Chinese store and it's good. Those small mandarin oranges are just so nice also :) Happy Chinese New Year too!

1:38 AM
Big Boys Oven said...

Gong Xi Fat Cai! We wish you the best this coming year of the rat! from us the boys!

6:16 AM

Happy Chinese New Year. I work on CNY. I used to make those cookies but not anymore. Enjoy your cookies and have fun.

5:00 PM
Lady Vanilla said...

I love the shape of your Peanut Puffs ! I bet they taste heavenly !

7:25 AM
Mimi Lenox said...

Yummy...looks amazing.
Thanks for visiting Mimi Writes today. Hope to see you again. I'm coming back to snoop around a bit.

5:56 PM
Tny said...

Hi.. i got ur blog tru ur comment on my popiah pedas recipi :)

Hi..nice to know u... Ehh.. how it tastes? Look like curry puff but filled up with peanut.. is it peanut butter?

12:30 AM
sangeeta said...

hi sweetypei.......
i am a first time visitor n totally amazed to see how some of the recipes are similar to indian ones...this puff recipe is exactly similar to indian guzia which is traditionally made during the festival of holi, exactly the same shape........very tempting.

1:33 AM