Chocolate Cupcakes

Friday, February 15, 2008

One of the easiest treats to decorate is the cupcake.All you need is food coloring,butter frosting and nozzle.Of course a little imagination.Cupcakes could mean alot to kids.My kids can eat it all in less than half and hour.The cuppies are chocolate with strawberry frosting,topped in dollops and sprinkle some rainbow round decors.These cuppies were as simply satisfying.Actually I don't know how to decorate it but at least the kids love it and my mission accomplished.I guess I need to practice and be creative as often as I could.Practice makes perfect right?


Big Boys Oven said...

Yes practise makes perfect! But this cupcakes look very good! well done!

4:53 PM

Oh, they look too pretty to eat!

8:14 PM
Sweetiepie said...

bigboysoven-Thanks for the compliments.You really made my day :)

jessieblogjourney-thanks sweetie :)

5:43 PM
Priscilla said...

Those cupcakes look great! I like how you decorated them with a tip instead of just frosting them with a spatula(or something else). BTW, pink is my favorite color too!

6:26 AM
fatiah said...

Yes, the cupcakes look delicious. And they are so pretty in pink.

8:56 AM
Anonymous said...

Hello, do you mind givig me the recipe for the frosting? :)

6:51 AM