Sunday, November 25, 2007

Pandan Layer Cake

Pandan layer cake is a very time consuming cake to make.To make the filling,you need alot of patient.It needs 30 minutes to cook the filling till thicken.Pandan Leaf comes from the Screwpine tree and is a must in our Kuih-muih dessert.I can't find any pandan leaf here so I omit using it and just add the coconut milk.I think the taste would be better if I could add some pandan juice in it.
120gm Sugar
60gm Hoen kwee flour

2 Large eggs(slightly whisk)
1tsp green coloring
100ml Pandan Juice(optional)
300ml Coconut Milk(Add another 100ml if not using pandan juice)
800ml Water

1)Mix ingredients(A) and add in ingredients(B)and whisk till well mixed.
2)Add in ingredients(C) and continue whisk till well blended.
3)Put the mixture into a nonstick pan in low heat.
4)Keep stirring the mixture and cook for 30-40 min or till thicken.
6)Place a cake layer into a cake ring.
7)Pour in 1/3 fillings on top.Repeat the rest.
8)Cool the cake in the fridge.
9)Leave until the pandan layer is cool.Then decorate the coconut flakes on top.


Hazel said...

is that really easy to bake a cake, i still remember i failed to bake an orange cake before until now i don't have mood to try it again. i am a cake lover also. i had try many cake at secret recipe and star buck or coffee bean, but the cake you beka make me mouth watering.

Sweetiepie said...

hazel-Once you know how to make a basic chiffon cake,you'll find it easy to make any types cake.:)

Anonymous said...

my ALL-TIME favourite.

now i am dying to bite into one.....have to wait till tomorrow cos it's 10:37pm and the nearest bakery shop had closed!!

Big Boys Oven said...

you are truly right , all this layer cakes take a lot of time as you need to wait them to set.

Sweetiepie said...

big boys oven-yea!after making this cake I was very tired.:)

Tanakwagu said...

wow, nice recipe. all stuff are yummy..of delicious, happy holiday, how is living at "orang putih"

Pravs said...

wow.. so yummy looking.Like the layered part :)

wendyywy said...

hi, fae weeks back i asked u abt lining the pan in this post... waiting for ur answer for this

wendyywy said...

Ok, I guess the comment got lost.. nvm then.