Wednesday, September 05, 2007

What is the best baked item that you make?Mine are sponge cake and crunchy butter cookies.
Macaroons and Biscotti are kinda tough for me. Biscotti have become very popular recently,I've been trying to bake a good biscotti for years.Till now that I haven't find the right recipe.I had difficulty in cutting them into thinly piece.The first Almond biscotti I'd ever tasted was three years ago.A friend of mine who are selling homemade Almond biscotti around KK coffee shops gave me some samples to try.It was really delicious!I did asked her to give me the secrect recipe but way.
About macaroon where they are called "amaretto or amaretti")What ever! is a cookie made with powdered almonds.Since I first saw of it in a cookbook,though I've never had a chance to try it.I've been working on them lately.A terrible success on this.My main problems was many crack and uneven shape.I think I need to do a thorough tasting investigation if i have a chance.

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