Sunday, September 02, 2007

Kuih Lidah

Lidah means tongue.The Kuih Lidah crisps are among several Sabah traditional food.
Kuih lidah crisps used to be packed in a plain plastic bags and sold at stalls in the neighbourhood.The secrect ingredients are milk powder and icing powder.Since I can't find milk powder in canada except baby formula,I omit it and only sprinkle the icing powder.One of my friend who sell kuih-muih in her village,gave me the recipe and taught me how to make it.Thank you so much Annie.The first time I made this was three years ago.It's simple!.I had saw a new version of kuih lidah in the market now.I coulnd't remember what they call it.Quite similar-it's just that the pastry they use is spring roll sheet and thinly cut into long pieces ,deep fried and sprinkle some icing powder on it.This was actually the leftover pastry I'd made for Curry puff.

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Lady Vanilla said...

love your blog !
this sound funny but is true,
some people called this kuih "Mother inlaw tongue"...ha..ha