Oatmeal and Chocolate Chip Cookie

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

All the while I don't know that much about oatmeal cookies since I don't really like oatmeal.I always thought oatmeal cookies should be like dry,awful smell and not chewy.Until one day,I found a post from Sweet and Simple Bakes about oatmeal and chocolate chip cookie Monthly Baking Event.The pictures in the post looks delicious and without a second thought I quickly write down the recipe and try to bake it.


What a delightful surprise,the cookies came out with a wonderful aroma.The oatmeal and chocolate chip cookies are chewy and not too wet or too dry but just a little too sweet for me.Words cannot express it and you must experience it on your own..This recipe is simple and quick to make.Oh my goodness these are good and I have proof to show you!

Look at my daughter :)reach for a second cookies straight away
This turned out to be the best version of oatmeal cookie I've ate and ever made!


Miss Mapp said...

Hi, Your recipes look delicious - I'm going to have to try them. Thank you.

12:12 AM
Maria♥ said...

Your cookies turned out great and really glad they were a hit!

Thanks for taking part and hope you will join us in our next bake.


12:47 AM
♥Rosie♥ said...

Hi Sweetiepie , great to see you baking with us at Sweet & Simple Bakes :0)

Your cookies look gorgeous– well done!

Thanks for partaking this month and I do hope you will join us in our next bake.

Rosie x

2:24 AM
myspicykitchen said...

Your cookies look perfect too... :) look like your daughter loved them...

5:57 AM
Junglefrog said...

They sure look delicious and judging by your daughter getting more then one at the same time... they are!

8:12 AM
Snooky doodle said...

how cute!! the little girl. the cookies look delicious too I don t blame her for taking more ;)

1:24 PM
Illona said...

And your coookies look great also. I see you have a cookie connoiseur in your house too!

8:45 PM
Ria Mathew said...


I have tagged you in on me -me tag! Have a look!!


Join in its sooo much of fun!


12:36 AM
Jenn said...

Those cookies look delish!! Nothing put a smile on my face than a fresh out of the oven cookie especialy if there's oatmeal, raisin or chocolate in them. Yum!

3:37 PM

Great job. They look yummy.

3:52 PM
noobcook said...

They look delicious and healthy as well! :)

10:29 PM
Moments In Time said...

Hey,remember make some when you are back!!!!!!!

5:39 AM
Uma said...

YOur cookies are just perfect. Looks so yummy!

1:05 PM
fatiah said...

the oatmeal cookies look yummy. If I make them I must make alot as they will just disappear in such a short time because I have 3 boys!

7:44 AM