Friday, April 03, 2009

A me-me tag

A tag from Ria's collection

Ria likes to know more about me.Sometimes I don't even know me very well and this is why I found this tag quite difficult for me to think what to write.
  1. I am Marcia Lee.The only one in the world.

  2. I like sharing food with others.Not only having a good company for food, but it's a good opportunity to try more different things and make it easier to choose.

  3. I was baptized Catholic when I married to my husband and I don't go to church(pray at home sometimes).
  4. In all things, I'm a slow worker.Even on houseschore,it always took me the entire week to finish.

  5. I'm not a great writer but a great editor.I thing I only can write anything shorter and very difficult for me to write longer.

  6. I am not a good cook but I am a good eater.

  7. I can't sleep through a lot of light and background noise.I like to sleep in a room with a lot of blankets and make sure my feet is not sticking out form the blanket.

  8. The first group singing competition I ever compete was in college.I felt like a superstar at that time.

  9. I like to sing while I'm bathing.My favorite is "Wind beneath my wings"

  10. My favorite fruit is Strawberry.

  11. I'm the best singer in my family, but still not a good singer.

  12. When I was in 20s I was a party girl.
  13. I hate Star Trek. I know it's a quality show but it's too too boring for me.I don't understand why my hubby still enjoy watching it.

  14. I don't plan ahead very well (such as backing-up files I might want later). Actually, that's not true. I plan ahead just fine. It's the execution of the plan that is often the problem.

  15. I take physical, spiritual and emotional comfort from the tv. I realize this is weird, but I don't really care.

  16. I prefer eye glasses to contact lenses.I look ugly with my glasses on.

  17. I am in my early thirties.

  18. I am the shyness extrovert I know. Or perhaps the most unsocialize person.

  19. I'm a good speller with terrible grammar skills.

  20. I rarely drink alcohol because I will get high right after the first few sips.

  21. I am a natural worrier which turns into stress all the time.

  22. If I can afford it, I would spend my time in travelleing the world than I would at home because now I don't go out much.

  23. I enjoy computer games of all sorts (virtual,board, role-playing, etc),Currently addicted to combat arms which sounds odd butI am sure there are women, including myself, who have a desire to fight.

  24. The first thing I will do is turn on my computer.I have a constant need to be done.

  25. I don't talk alot because I have no one to talk to(besides my kids when they come home after school)
Here I like to tag Kim and Nazarina enjoy!


Snooky doodle said...

interesting :)now I know you a bit better

Sweetiepie said...

snooky doodle-Thanks!hope i could know you more too.

Ria Mathew said...


Thanks for taking this up! It feels sooo good :D Lovely writeup!!


bluedreamer27 said...

interesting info
thanks for sharing
have a great weekend

bluedreamer27 said...

hi sweetipie thanks for dropping by at my site
i appreciate it so much
i just put your link in my blog roll at my main blog so i can visit you here again
have a great day and happy palm sunday

Tny said...

Point #6.. I'm not so to agree with it.. hahahaa :))

Sis, I'm sure you are good good and good eater =)

Happy weekend..

bluedreamer27 said...

hello just dropping by here again
have a great day and happy palm sunday

Steven Goh said...

That's interesting. I find out some points you are very similar like my gf, she is a good editor but not a writer and usually working in slow worker but she is very details compare to me. I think is a complements to each other when your the other half is fast but you are helping him to clear up his mess :)

bluedreamer27 said...

hi just dropping by here
have a great day and happy blogging
and thanks for dropping by at my site
im done putting the link for your other blog

♥Rosie♥ said...

Very interesting read Sweetiepie :0)

Uma said...

That's a nice tag! Most of your facts match with mine :) Thanks for dropping by and following my blog. YOu're so sweet!

Ozge said...

Hello Marcia, my first time on your blog! I love your facts post, mostly I can relate to :)

Anonymous said...

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