Friday, August 29, 2008

Soya bean curd

During my preggie time I have to buy the soya milk and soya bean curd(Tau fu fah)everyday.It is something that you can't live without it.Since then,I've always thought it'd be good to make my own soy bean curd.I have been making my own soy milk off and on for a while now.I love making soy milk.It's easy and not complicated at all.It’s actually not that difficult to make our own Soya Milk.If you drink soy milk regularly you will totally save money, even if you buy a soymilk makers.I have been wanting to make my own soya bean curd since the day I got my soya milk.
This is what how I make the soya bean curd.First wash the soya beans very well.Then soak it in a bowl of water for over night.The next day,measure the soya beans and the amount of water follow your own recipe.Set aside,and then put it in a blender with water.Blend it until all beans crushed very fine. Filter it to separate the crushed beans and the milk.Then,pour the soya milk in a big pot and heat it on the stove.Keep on stirring the soya milk till boiled.Remove it from the heat.It is now ready to drink milk.If you want to make the soya bean curd,you'll need to add gypsum and corn starch.I use about 1 tsp and 3 tbsp cornstarch in my recipe.Mix it with a 1/2 cup water and dissolve it.Then pour the cook soy mixture and the edible gypsum into another pot simultaneously while the mixture is still hot.Leave it alone to cool and enjoy.


Tny said...

Hi sis.. still blogging but why kadang2?

Ehh.. last 2 days, I did the soy drink for buka posa.. it was my 1st attempt and turned out OK :) *so glad*

Then, tau fu fa.. I like it so much.. since I know how to make my own soy drink, I would like to try the tau fu fa.. but what's gypsum?

Sweetiepie said...

tny-hi,hehe kadang kadang malas.Gypsum..emm i also donno what to call in malay but you can find it in supermarket or chinese medicine store.:)Soya milk easy to make right?

Rozella said...

This is tau fu fah rite? Hehehe I love it so much. Nowdays they use gula melaka also to make it sweet.

Sweetiepie said...

Rozella-Yes it's tau fu the gula melaka taste better?:)

Tny said...

Ha'ah.. absolutely easy.. kacang!! laa..laa..laa~~~

Itu.. ubt utk kasik firm ke? OK.. nanti I tnya kt bakery..

Sis, any simple + easy + yummy recipe for kueh raya??? Juz few days and raya is coming.. excited nk buat kueh sendiri ni :)

Tastes of Home said...

yummy, that's such a good idea, I have such a craving for soy milk with yao char kuey now. hee and I cant wait to make some tau foo fah too..hehe.