Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Time to bake my own bread

The price of a loaf of fresh bread has been increase significantly.In the store today, you will see our regular flour or bread flour has a tag written*flour increase*.As for before,price for a loaf of bread is already very expensive to me.Some loafs of bread went from $2.00 to $2.80.These are the highest we have ever paid in our bakeshop.It’s an obvious picture here that the gas is one of the reason due to.There are a number of related issues to this but what can I do!Now I have to bake my own bread.That save a lot.I also notice that its not just the bread,everything has gone up in price too like milk and eggs.Although my bread doesn't look great but it's still taste good.After baking the bread and I used the left over bread dough for the plain steamed bun. My first batch of Pau doesn’t look impressive because the I set the heat too high and open the steamer cover too fast.You need to turn the fire to slow for 1 min then off the fire and let it cool down for 3 mintues before open the steamer cover or else the bun will look like on of this...see!

Part 1

600g All purpose flour,sifted
240ml cold water
2 tsp Instant yeast

Part 2
1/2 tsp Salt
50g Castor sugar
70g Butter or Shortening

(1)Knead Part 1 to form a dough called the sponge and let ferment in the bowl for 3-4 hours.

(2)Add Part 2 to the sponge and remix until a dough is formed.

(3)After few minutes of kneading add the shortening and knead until the a smooth dough is formed.

(4)Shape the dough and mould into the loaf pan.

(5)Cover dough with a piece of damp towel until double in bulk for about 45 minutes and bake at 360F .

For loaf of bread bake for 35-40 minutes.
For buns or rolls bake for 8-10 minutes(Approximately 12 buns per tray)


Jenny said...

I've never tried baking my own bread before. I should think about it, looking at your bread post makes me hungry. :)

sweetiepie said...

Jenny-If I live in m'sia I don't think I will bake my own bread cuz the bread in our country are much cheaper than here.:)

PEARLY said...

look really good honestly my hubby try to bake this weekend turn out very dough when we eat it , as your bread look real soft please can I have your recipe please .....

I never good in making bread or bau .
we are thinking the same as you everything price goes up and up each day a loaf of bread her is cost £1.50 or more can't tahau anymore like u we also try to bake our bread but don't turn out nice .
have a nice day xxxx

Rozella said...

Ur bread and pau came out so nice and fluffy! Mine last time was so keras you could break a glass if you threw it at one. Seriously. Hehehe I never tried bread baking again after that.

dabooklady said...

Ohh I have not tried either and I have a bread machine. Was it hard, I mean your opinion??? Yours looks lovely...I just love the smell of fresh baking bread

Sweetiepie said...

pearly-Pearly you can browse the bread recipes for the step by step making process.Don't give up.I did use some cornflour to lower gluten content.Good luck have a nice day.

rozella-The frist time I bake the bread also as hard as a rock.kekeke!I guess your bread dough is too dry.:)

dabooklady-I never use a bread machine but I think making bread by hand is easy and fast. I love the fresh bread smell too.:)

Lily Anette said...

the bread looks so soft and good!

Tny said...

Hey sis..

How ya doin? Nice.. still blogging ;)

Bread looks smooth and delicious.. mana inti nya?


vicki said...

this looks so yummy! Is this hard? Do you need a bread machine? how do you do this from scratch?

Nazarina A said...

This looks soooo good. I wish to break my Fast with your bread! Ever since I discovered your blog, I cannot stay away. I would love to pass on this award to you. Please come and claim it from my site.

Anonymous said...

The bread is really nice...
Can i know 1 teaspoon of yeast is about how many grams?

Sweetiepie said...

hi Anonymous,Thanks!1 tsp=5gm Hope this help.:)

Anonymous said...

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