Sunday, May 14, 2006

My Favourite Butter cake

I am not a baker or pastry chef .Baking is my favourite past time and I carries with my experience to share with people all throughout the world.I am interested in baking since I was young.I then took some baking courses and learn the basic of baking(Important for a beginner)and get alot of useful tips from baker's friend.Now shall we begin with our exploration of baking!
Today, I baked this a simple Butter cake.It's been quite a long time I did not bake a Butter cake.
The first Butter cake,I had learned was in secondary school where my best friend taught me to bake my very first cake.She taught me to use spoon for measuring at that time.It work!
Since then I always use spoon for measuring the cake ingredients but after I took the baking courses,I had change my bad habit.
I found that the proper measurement is an important rule in baking.Now I realized that the an accurate measurement is the key to success.

Ingredients (8 Inch cake ring)

125g Butter
110g Castor sugar

3 Eggs (large)

140g Flour(sifted)
1/2tsp Baking powder

20ml Milk

1 1/2tsp Vanilla essence


(1)Beat ingredient (A) until light and fluffy.About 3-5 minutes.
(2)Add eggs gradually until well mix.
(3)Then,slowly add in ingredients (C) and mix well combined.
(4)Finally,add ingredients(D)(E)and mix well.
(5)Transfer to mould size 8 " and bake at 350'Ffor 25-30minutes.

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